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Hire Professionals, hand-sieved just for you. We are committed to being your foremost talent and skill marketplace. All your digital needs can now be met by Workbook.ng. We custom-match our clients with elite artisans, digital freelancers, repairmen and handymen from our 1000+ invite-only community. We understand it is not an easy task to get qualified artisans and therefore our mission is to link professionals at the highest point of their art with organizations and individuals who need them most. The professionals are selected based on referrals and competence and not left to the discretion of “witty algorithms” and “artificial intelligence”.



We have disrupted traditional hiring methods by rejigging the humanity of an agency with the scale of a talent marketplace and that's how we deliver the best value per naira. We’ve made a platform that enables you to pay for your exact needs and be at rest while doing that. It sounds nice to finally have a platform that cares? But that is not enough, we are with you every step of the way, from ordering down to execution and we make sure your time and money isn’t wasted.

  • Workbook gives you the power to dictate your satisfaction.
  • All transactions are in Naira. There’s flexibility and ease in payment.
  • Get quality according to your budget. You no longer need to cut your coat according to your cloth.
  • Working Support system. We are always here to save you from stress.
  • Highly Secure platform.
  • A wallet system that helps you keep money for future needs.
  • We offer you the best. World-class professionals at your fingertips, an order away.
  • and more...



search for professonals that matches your project with your criteria . We'll instantly match you with a list professionals.


Browse profiles, reviews, and locations then Hire a favorite and begin your project.


Invoicing and payments happen through workbook. With workbook Protection, only pay for work you authorize.


Professional Delivers Your Job and When satisfied you give the Professional your satisfaction code